Xk-2 Aluminum Alloy Pocket Hole Jig system Woodworking Drill Guide with Toggle Clamp 9.5mm Step


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XK-2 Aluminum Alloy Pocket Hole Jig System Woodworking Drill Guide with Toggle Clamp 9.5mm Step Drill Bits Screwdriver Bit Pocket Plugs Screws
Aluminium Alloy(6061)
Surface Treatment
Wood clamping size 15-45mm
Drill Bushing
Diameter 9.5mm, Length 30mm, HRC 50°
Laser Engraving Printing (It's not silk screen effect, it won't wear out even use in a long time.)
Removable Drill Guide - for use with benchtop and portable bases.
Adjustable Depth Design - Each pocket hole jig features a drill depth knob to quickly adjust the thickness of the wood to avoid damage, splinter, or split.
Sturdy Toggle Clamp - Offering incredible rigidity and uncompromising workpiece hold-strength. Adjustments are as easy as releasing the locknut, and rotating to the correct setting.
Extra Carpentry Accessories - Package comes with a 9.5mm drill, a hex wrench, a spacing ring and a screwdriver besides the pocket hole jig to help set the right depth, to make holes and help you creating DIY projects easily.
High-Duty Aluminum Body - This pocket hole jig kit has a well-balanced aluminum frame design to ensure a reliable woodworking support base.
Professional-Grade Design - This multipurpose jig tool can be used for DIY woodworking projects, repairs, custom builds by carpenters and woodworkers.

Package Included:
1 x Main Body and Clamp
1 x Hole Puncher
1 x 9.5mm Step Drilling Bit
1 x Drill Spacing Ring
1 x Screwdriver
1 x 2.5mm Hex Wrench