XXL or A4 Playing Cards


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XXL or A4 Playing Cards

If you can't seem to win big down at the casino, you can at least play big with a full deck of XXL or A4 size playing cards! Whether you're constructing a giant house of cards, indulging in a jumbo game of Pontoon or pretending to be a giant James Bond at the Blackjack table, the cards will be protected from damage thanks to their nifty plastic coating. We might not be able to read Lady GaGa's poker face, but at least we've got no trouble making out what her cards say - and we haven't got our reading glasses on.

Features and Specifications:  

  • Play big and win big with a full deck of XXL size playing cards.
  • A4 size set is perfect for use in the garden. 
  • Great for building a giant house of cards in the garden.
  • Cards protected with plastic coating.
  • Sizes:
  • XXL: 14 cm (H) x 9.5 cm (W)
  • A4: 29 cm (H) x 21 cm (W) 

Package Include:  

  • 1 X  XXL or A4 Playing Cards

Delivery: Within 7 to 21 working days.