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Zinc Alloy Door Stopper Magnetic Door Stops Hidden Door Holders Catch Floor

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This is a Magnetic Door Stop. Can install with nails or Nail-free stickers.
The Magnetic Door Holder consists of two parts: the floor fitting and the door fitting.
The Magnetic Door Catch has a magnet that keeps the door open when you want it.
It stops the door from slamming from the wind and the kids from slamming the door into the wall.
NOTE: If you install it with a nail-free sticker, please use the door holder after sticking for 24 hours.

Colour: Silver/ Gold/ Red Bronze/Green Bronze/Black/Yellow bronze
The distance between the door and floor should be within 5-15mm
Thickness: 3.3mm
Material: Zinc Alloy
Size: As the following picture

Package Includes:
1 x doorstop and other accessories