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5 Holiday Gifting Ideas For Employees You Must Definitely Try

5 Holiday Gifting Ideas For Employees You Must Definitely Try

The Holidays are almost nearby and it’s time for some gifting spree. You get into the holiday spirit and prepares lists and gift ideas for your near and dear ones. Then why forget your employees? Holiday gift ideas for employees should become a ritual. Especially now with most employees working remotely, real connection and interaction have become a distant memory. Coming together for holiday gift ideas for coworkers can be an amazing idea to mingle and discuss. 

We bring you some simple yet highly effective holiday gift ideas for coworkers. Read on. 

The Time Keepers: One of the best and classic gifts of all times (pun intended). Wristwatches for all your employees can be a great and safe idea as a gift for the holiday season. Everyone values time and wearing it in a stylish suave will never go out of style. 

If you would like to level it up for your coworkers or your employees who love tech-savvy products, gift them smartwatches. These watches are not just for time but also for everything related to fitness. Your employees are definitely going to love it!

Décor It Up: Holiday season is all about friends, family and being with your loved ones. It reminds you of home and what better than gifting your employees something to adorn their home. You can be really versatile here and find out the likings of each of your bunch of employees. 

Go for quirky or classic wall clocks for your vintage lover employees. Beer cork maps for your adventurous employees can be a good idea. Art lovers can be gifted with decorative paintings to be hung on the walls of their homes. So many ideas you can delve into! 

Level Up with Fitness: You must definitely be having coworkers who are fitness enthusiasts or mavericks. A gift related to fitness is going to pump up not just their adrenaline but their admiration towards your thoughtfulness. Gift your fitness-loving coworkers with fitness items like gym accessories, fitness accessories, bikes and accessories, etc. 

Promote Self Care: Self-care is of utmost importance for everyone especially, in this pandemic and post-pandemic era. Many people have forgotten to take care of themselves even after staying at home due to various factors. As an employer or a coworker, it is your responsibility to encourage your employees or your coworkers to take care of themselves and be their true selves even during rough days. Gifting ideas for your employees can include self-care kits and can be taken to the next level through customisation. The kit can include health and beauty essentials like health socks, skincare machines, massagers, make-up and grooming essentials, support pillows and cushions, etc. 

Pave the Way for Music: Most people have a knack for music, whether they can play an instrument or not. Who wouldn’t like listening to music, and maybe play a little as well? Get into the private investigator mode and find out who of your employees is crazy about music. Gift them the power of rhythm and melody. You can gift your musical employees instruments like DIY ukulele, drum sets, etc. as per their expertise and liking or simply audio speakers to listen to music. Let their holiday season be full of joy and music! 

Gifting can be awkward and tough especially during a period of rough times all around the world. But a little thoughtfulness, customisation and care can really make someone happy. It’s the little things that matter and your gifts towards your employees/coworkers will help you build a strong bond. Start the gifting spree now!

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