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Singles Day

#Singlelife - Celebrate Singles Day The Right Way!


Ever thought being single was a thing to be celebrated? That you would wish someone a happy singles day?

No, we aren't talking about the feeling where you don't need anyone else, to be happy. We are talking about a reason that might just make you value your single status a bit more. We're talking about Singles Day!

What is Singles day?

Singles Day began in China in 1993 as a shopping event and has since become an internationally recognized event. In fact, Singles Day sales have become so popular that in China, they are a bigger shopping carnival than Black Friday and Cyber Monday put together!

The date of the Chinese Singles Day sale varies each year due to Chinese New Year falling on one of these days. The first year that Singles Day was celebrated, it took place on November 11th; however due to Chinese New Year falling on that day (and thus causing some residents to miss out on shopping), this holiday was rescheduled for February 2nd in 2019—making it "Double 1" or simply "Double 11."

When is Singles day?

Singles Day is an annual celebration for men & women for being single and loving it.

It's a day for singles to celebrate the idea that they are not alone, and that there are others out there who feel the same way they do.

The first Singles Day was held on November 11th, 2012, when Facebook launched an advertising campaign to encourage people in their 20s and 30s--who tend to be more likely than older generations to be single - to post about their dating experiences online so other singles could see them (and perhaps find someone like themselves).

Singles Day 2022 or Bachelor’s Day as some call it, falls on November 11th this year – this means one of the biggest online shopping days is just around the corner!

Why is 11/11 a thing?

11/11 is the day of the year when people in China celebrate "Singles Day." The tradition began in 1993, when Alibaba founder Jack Ma hosted an event at his company to mark singlehood. It's now a global phenomenon and has become one of the largest shopping days of the year.

The word "singles" is a pun on the Chinese word for singles - liang xue ("long marriage"). This makes sense given that traditional Chinese culture values long-term relationships over short ones (and having lots of kids). So, if you have been single for too long or if you're just looking for something new, then this holiday might be right up your alley!

How to celebrate Singles day?

  • Find something to do with your friends
  • Go out and have fun
  • Enjoy the day!
  • Do something that makes you happy, like shopping! With offers galore pouring in from all online shopping platforms, you'll be spoilt for men’s fashion choice and definitely find something that you need or want.

Where to shop on singles day?

  • Online shopping

    • This is the easiest way to buy gifts for singles day, as you can do it from home or anywhere else with internet access.
  • Offline shopping

    • You could also try your local mall or other stores that have sales on that day, but keep in mind that most stores will have reduced prices because they're selling their inventory at a loss to make up for their losses during this time of year.
  • Shopping with friends (or family)

    • If your partner has any friends who are single and would like to receive some holiday cheer this season, consider asking them over for dinner or drinks so you all can give each other presents! You don't need much money—just buy some food and drinks together first and then go through everyone's wish list together before deciding what everyone should get themselves! It's fun as long as everyone knows how much money each person has already spent on themselves so no one feels left out by being given something too expensive when everyone else already has theirs--this way everyone still gets something nice without feeling guilty about spending more than others did earlier today.

Singles day is a reminder that there's nothing wrong with being single, and it can be a lot of fun!

Singles Day is a celebration of being single. In fact, it's a reminder that there's nothing wrong with being single! It can be fun to spend the day shopping and eating out, but don't let the hype get to you.

Singles Day is also an opportunity for online retailers to reach out directly to their target audience by offering discounts on products that appeal to people who are looking for love (or at least someone who'll buy them something).


Singles day is a great time to celebrate the fact that being single isn’t something to be ashamed of. And, if you’re looking for some ways to celebrate other than food and drinks, we heartily recommend online shopping - it's food for the soul after all!

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