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20mm/30mm Combination Zinc Alloy Password Locks Security

Original price $27.99 - Original price $30.99
Original price
$27.99 - $30.99
Current price $27.99
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* High quality and security
* Lock professional manufacturer
* 3 Digit Combination Lock
* Metal material, Anti-corrosion, Durable.

* Lock Type: Combination Cabinet Cam Lock or Door Lock
* Key Type: Keyless
* Material: Zinc Alloy
* Finished: Electrophoretic Paint Black/Silver
* Key combination: 3 Group Code (0-9)
* Size(Length*Width): 42mm*42mm
* Package: PP bag
* How to change password:
* Make sure the lock is open, code 0-0-0
* Find a hole on the lock turntable
* Find a pointed object
* Insert it into the hole
* Reset the code.
(The lock below have a hole to change the password, in the open position with a stick top of the hole, don't let go,
Then change the password after let go, change the password. After locking the password will be a good.)

Package Includes:
* 1 x Lock