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* Deluxe home for little pets - Rabbits, guinea pig, and chinchillas
* Heavy-duty powder coated stand
* Durable plastic base
* Detachable bottom for easy cleaning
* Base with high wall - Reduce spillage and waste
* Fully detachable stand
* Castor wheels stand - Easy moving around from indoor to outdoor
* Bottom storage space - Store food, toys, water, etc.
* Two wide secure door - Easy for stroking and feeding anytime
* Easy and secure 'quick release' clips - Fasten your base and lid together
* Side handles - Carry the cage easily
* Small-space chew proof wired - Prevent escape pet
* Bonus feeding bowl
* Hay rack included
* Set up in seconds - No tools required

* Stand material: Powder-coated steel
* Cage base material: Plastic
* Overall dimensions: 79(L) X 46(W) X 88.2(H) cm
* Further dimensions: Please refer to the photo gallery

Package Includes:
1 X Rabbit Cage with Stand